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Get access to 25+ years of digital marketing, training and founder lived experience.

Do you feel like your marketing messages need a refresh?

You've been running your business for some time and sales are slowly dropping off. You know you need to refresh your digital marketing but you're not sure what to tackle first:

  • How do I re-position my brand and my business?
  • Has my audience changed, if so, what are they like now?
  • I have so many ideas, what do I focus on first?
  • What's the best channel to reach my audience?
  • How can I maximize the time I spend on marketing?

Get Digital Marketing Support

Being inside your business makes it hard to step back and see the wider digital marketing picture. There are two ways I can support you to refresh your digital marketing:

Digital Marketing Training - Intermediate

  • Do you have team members with basic knowledge who want to up-skill their marketing competencies?
  • With my digital marketing up-skilling program you get an experienced training partner who can:
    • train your team members 1-on-1
    • deliver a unique focus on not-for-profits in the health and wellness sector
    • provide a deep course of content, training and skills that meets key learning objectives and outcomes.
  • When you need to up-skill your team members with practical, actionable and impactful digital marketing skills, the solution is my Intermediate Digital Marketing Program with a specific lens on nonprofits.

Fractional CMO

  • Need your own Head of Marketing that's cost-efficient, risk-free, flexible and affordable?
  • With my Fractional CMO service you get an experienced marketing leader for a monthly service fee:
    • Outcome-based
    • Flexible scope of work
    • Cost-efficient
  • As your CMO I will be part of your executive team and take full responsibility of marketing strategies, budget plans, and execution:
    • No recruitment costs
    • No employment costs
  • When you can’t find, attract or afford an experienced full-time CMO, hiring a Fractional CMO is the solution.

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Why Annabel

  • A 2x co-founder and digital marketer with experience driving multi-million dollar revenues
  • 15 years experience training digital marketers in the NZ, US & Canadian markets
  • A deep knowledge of building sustainable digital growth and nonprofit techniques
  • Took a technology company from $0 in sales to over $1.1M USD in 3 years
  • Won Viatec Emerging Technology Company of The Year
  • Mentors women in technology through online programs and workshops
  • Invited and graduated from the BC Tech Hypergrowth series
  • A speaker at multiple international events and workshops on digital marketing, training and education
  • Trained hundreds of digital marketers to get focussed and tactical with their marketing.

The Digital Marketing Training Investment

Deep Knowledge & Experience Training Digital Marketers

"Annabel is the kind of digital marketer who designs and implements marketing systems and training programs that create real impact. I've seen the magic she creates as a trainer and Fractional CMO -- finding and creating cutting edge digital marketing courses, steering her clients through tough marketing challenges, and always helping her clients be productive, innovative and aligned. She's incredibly talented, and understands the complex world of digital marketing."

-- Lindsay Carlson, Founder of Mighty Ink and crafter of stories with power

How It Works

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  1. Meet - We’ll have a virtual meeting for 30 minutes to discuss your business and your digital marketing training needs.
  2. Plan - You'll receive a customized plan for your business.
  3. Grow - Armed with your new training program, or my Fractional CMO service you'll see your business grow in new ways and flourish in 2023.

Let’s stop mad marketing cycle of "I'm not sure what to focus on first!" and get you feeling aligned and productive.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Annabel! I'm a Canadian and a Kiwi.

For over 25 years I’ve worked in digital marketing, training & entrepreneurship.

After co-founding two technology startups I knew I wanted to dive into work that would help other founders build positive and impactful businesses.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing purpose driven founders, and their teams be successful. I support this by offering my fractional CMO service or delivering up-skilling training to internal digital marketers.

I live on incredible Vancouver Island, BC after spending years in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and California.

Victoria, BC is home and I love it.

How I Can Help

Digital Marketing Training

Do you have team members who want to up-skill their marketing competencies?

Get proven up-skilling training.

Support your team members to grow

Fractional CMO

Need your own Head of Marketing that's efficient, risk-free, flexible & affordable?

Get an experienced CMO for your growing business.

Watch your business grow!

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Annabel Is Fantastic To Work With

"Annabel is an outstanding digital marketer who knows how to truly engage online and offline, and she works extremely hard to help them achieve their goals. She is just fantastic to work with and has a unique way to make others feel genuinely appreciated - whether they're a client, founder, colleague or investor."

-- Stefan Korn, Investor, CEO and lover of a good DJ set

Connect With Annabel

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Connect with me on LinkedIn

I'm pretty active there - so come join me and let's talk digital marketing, training and mental health.

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Paid Digital Marketing Support

If you need help refreshing your marketing messages or need training I've got your back.

I am grateful to the lək̓ʷəŋən People of the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations

on whose traditional territories I do my work with founders.